mike wojo
creative web developer


A fun mispronounciation of my full surname, "Wojtkowski", courtesy of Google Assistant.


Senior Developer,
Front-End Web Developer
2016 – Present
Wellington, New Zealand

Web Developer
Project C
2014 – 2016
Austin, TX, USA (Remote)

Web Developer
Sony Pictures Imageworks Interactive
2010 – 2014
Culver City, CA, USA

Full CV/Resumé on request.

Skills & Tools

As a developer for 10+ years I have approximate knowledge of many things, but I'm most comfortable in the following areas:

JavaScript (Vanilla, ES6), Vue.js/Vuex, (React/MobX/React Native, Backbone) (Node.js), HTML (+Pug), CSS (Sass/SCSS/Less), MySQL + PostgreSQL, git/SVN, NPM/Yarn, Webpack, Grunt, with less recent experience in PHP, Python, C++

Sublime Text/Atom, Terminal, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, macOS, Windows, Facebook AR Studio, Snapchat Lens Studio

Who am I?

Here are some important events in my life and career so far.

When I was 6 my cousin let me borrow his book on HTML.

When I was 14 I loved Neopets and was so inspired that I made my own virtual pet site. During high school I rebuilt it several times, teaching myself design, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP/MySQL, server management, and how to run a community. It was an amazing learning experience and ended up with over 20,000 registered users.

When I was 19 I got my first real job as webmaster for a pair of radio stations in the Metro Detroit area. The marketing director and I did the best we could to push the limits of a poorly made broadcasting CMS. We painted a green screen on the wall in an abandoned room of a 92-year old historic building and awkwardly filmed radio hosts. It was a bit of everything.

When I was 20 I moved to California to work for Sony Pictures Imageworks Interactive after nervously applying on Craigslist. I worked with a legendary team to make sites of all sorts for Sony related movies and TV shows. I used git for the first time, and became the go-to experimental project developer after taking a WWDC talk on CSS3 animations to heart. I discovered the 405 commute, uncomfortably lived alone for the first time, and turned old enough to drink alcohol.

When I was 21 I changed to freelancing for Sony and moved around. Remote work was glorious. I took a second gig for a smaller agency also doing movie/TV sites but for different studios. I moved to NYC. I made lots of money and learned what burn out was.

When I was 23 I flew to New Zealand for the first time and met my partner Sam. More freelancing for Sony but from really far away. Made a JS framework targeted to the stuff I worked on, and enjoyed more game related projects.

When I was 24 we moved to Montréal with a lack of French language skills. A poor but memorable choice. I continued freelancing, eventually for Project C, making some award winning sites from an old and cold second floor apartment. First time my car was broken into, first time I've had pipes freeze and burst, first Canadian winter.

When I was 25 we moved back to New Zealand. It became harder to work at home alone all day without the friends and family I had. Got unforgettable food poisoning in Fiji. First time a client cancelled a project just before launch.

When I was 26, I went back to an office, freelancing in-house for Resn. Became a much better dev and a much happier person. Corrected my bad habits from being a solo dev and embraced team life. Upgraded to ES6 and wrapped my head around React.

When I was 27, I became part of the Resn team full time. My first senior role. Focusing on projects for the new Shanghai office, I had very little sleep and crazy timelines. Introduced to Vue for the first time and fell in love. Became the annoying person in the office pushing everyone else to use it. Finally started embracing WebGL after avoiding it for years.

When I was 28, I started dabbling in AR/VR. I made a Facebook/Snapchat lens for Halloween and won an award. I got more comfy with WebGL.

At 29, I moved to the South Island because of my partner's fancy new job, and went remote again. I made more games at work. I got my first developer award. We bought our first house.

I'm 30 now, so that's a thing.